Natural minerals with bee pollen and Vitamin C

Manufacturer: Etami Ltd.

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Dietary supplement, 60 g (1 tab. = ± 1 g)

Ingredients:aquamin, bee pollen, Vitamin C (Rosa multiflora origin),zinc oxide; additives: magnesium stearate, cellulose

Description:Api Mineral tablets have been designed to be a perfect nutritional supplement for anyone who wants or needs to supplement food intake with a complex of natural minerals and vitamins. It is well-known that the organism benefits more from natural vitamins and minerals than from those artificial ones.

Our another aim was that the tablets contain a considerable amount of natural calcium and so they were able to supplement with this - for the healthy functioning of the body necessary – mineral everyone whose food lacks milk and milky products.

Aquamin, a natural multi-mineral complex, is produced from the skeleton of the seaweed called "Lithothamnion Coralloides". It is rich in calcium (33%),magnesium and other (alltogether more than 70) trace elements. It stands out due to a great deal of physical and chemical properties that make it a natural source of marine bioactive minerals to supplement and enrich the food. Its unique high absorption improves the health of the bones and the whole body.

Calcium forms about 1.5% of the total body weight in our body and has several important tasks there: 99% of it is in our bones, it is also an inorganic component of our teeth, it is a factor of blood clotting. Calcium regulates enzymes, releases hormones and regulates their effect , it is involved in muscle work, ...

The importance of magnesium in the diet lies in its activity in proper functioning of the muscles and nerves (it mitigates irritability and nervousness),but also for the release of energy from glucose and for proper bone structure. It maintains a circulatory system in good condition and is a prevention of heart attack. For many women it resolves problems associated with premenstrual syndrome. It also mitigates depression and contributes to healthy teeth.

Vitamin C is needed for the normal functioning of the connective tissue (and also for collagen forming in it),to prevent cardiovascular problems, for wound healing or to tolerate stress. Its deficiency results in impaired immune function, increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections, and other pathological conditions, and is also a risk factor for oncological disease. Zinc is a part of more than 200 different enzymes and most of it is found in the liver, muscles, bones, skin, nails, hair and in men’s body also in the prostate. It contributes to proper metabolism of sugars, protein formation and metabolism, CO2 transport, synthesis of nucleic acids and hemoglobin. Thanks to its antioxidant properties it promotes immunity and also plays an important role in proper vision and protection of the retina.

Potential users:
  • All who lack milk and dairy products in their diet.
  • All who want to enrich their diet with natural multivitamin and multimineral.
  • Children in growth.
  • People suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Women in the climacterium period.
Usage:Adults: 1 tablet twice a day, 20 min. prior meal, flushed with a bit of water
Children: ½ tablet twice a day, 20 min. prior meal, flushed with a bit of water


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