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"We already know how to do it if you want to be healthy."

It was not so long ago that our ancestors daily put mainly what they grew on their fields, gardens, what was provided to them by meadows, forests, and nature on their table, along with what was selflessly donated by animals, and the well known and diligent bees.

Would you also like healthy food, natural sweeteners and pharmaceuticals, healthy fruit, vegetables without chemicals? Surely this is such a trend that fashion did not have to require in this case. Our health is calling after healthy fruit, crunchy vegetables, sweet honey.

Well, Michal Goroľ and Iveta Krajňáková, the founders of Etam who are dedicated to the distribution and promotion of bee products and apitherapy, could not resist such a calling either. Before they became dedicated promoters of bee products, they traveled thousands of kilometers, visited specialized exhibitions, apitherapists, and a plant in far Perm, where the products are manufactured.

Now this is what we call an important life decision

Michal Goroľ started with beekeeping in the eighties. "My relationship with bees increased gradually and in the end, the mysterious life of the bee community got me," he reminiscing about the period when he worked in Košice. After work he usually relaxed at a cottage, where over the fence he often observed his neighbor, a beekeeper. The more he became interested in bees, the more interested he became in having his own hives. Finally, he made the decision and a new proud beekeeper successfully overcame his beekeeping beginnings under the supervision of the neighbor, an experienced beekeeper.

In the 90s, bees had to give way to a bold business plan, due to which there was no time left for beekeeping for a few years. As an entrepreneur, he left the bee communities for some time and exchanged working with them for the management of the family business. But the bees did not disappear from his mind or heart, and so he returned to them again in 2008. An entrepreneur can play golf or tennis, go fishing or hunt. And he can also do beekeeping. "I took it as a hobby to relax and distract myself from the troubles that business life brings," he says. In addition, bees simply belong to the beautiful clean environment in Habur, where he currently lives. They are at home there in the same way as Michal Goroľ, and live together in a wonderful symbiosis of man and nature.

"I owe bees for my health, perhaps even my life"

A turning point came in 2013. "My heart paid the toll for a hectic business life. I got a heart attack. Suddenly I stopped and thought over what I was going to do about my health. I took it as a warning, as a memento, as an incentive to make lifestyle changes to bring back the health, energy, strength and desire needed to tackle life a little longer. My bees helped me," admits Michal Goroľ. Thus began the quest for health through bee products, which soon began to "fix" not only Goroľ's battered health, but helped many family members and friends.

The avid beekeeper began to educate himself more and more, interested in research and the outcomes of treatment using bee products abroad, too. So, in the town of Dolina at the meeting of Transcarpathian beekeepers, he met a doctor who treated patients with bee products. "I was fascinated with her therapy, which consisted of lying down over beehives and inhaling the fumes emitted from hives full of hard-working bees, which live peacefully in their usual daily rhythm. In addition, it is also a great form of relaxation, the bee forcefield also having its effect on the person," says Michal Goroľ about the stay in the single bed and triple bed house, equipped with beehives.

Before long the Habura beekeeper built a similar little house next to his house. "Such therapy is useful for people suffering from asthma and respiratory diseases. Honey, pollen, propolis, and royal jelly are released into the air. And if some organ in the human body is not functioning as it should, and therefore has a different frequency, the bees "warn" of the issue. The person feels microvibrations, a tingling. It is good to start with fifteen minute stays and monitor blood pressure, because the stay in the house increases it. Ten to fifteen visits are suitable. We have it verified, because we have been utilizing the house for three years already," added Iveta Krajňáková.

Come with us for apitherapy through the mountains and valleys

It is not an exaggerated invitation at all, because in 2013, Michal Goroľ and Iveta Krajňáková traveled across the Ukraine, an estimated 12,000 kilometers. "We were driven by an interest in apitherapy, treatment using bee products. We learned that in the Crimea there is a doctor who has achieved excellent results with apitherapy. We went there. Here this alternative treatment is in its infancy, while in Ukraine, China, Russia, Romania, and Bulgaria, it is well-known and widespread," explains Iveta.

Since Habura signed a twinning agreement with Veľké Soročince, the couple got a tour of the apiary in Poltava, which specializes in the production of royal jelly. "Royal jelly is applied either directly as 100 percent pure, or mixed with honey. We started producing royal jelly ourselves for our own use. It is a very complex process and requires the full involvement of the beekeeper," explains Goroľ. We gradually mastered the issue with pollen, propolis, the production of tinctures and the mixing of ointments. But the pair of enthusiasts is still relentlessly continuing in the search for bee products, the treatment through their usage, and professional utilization.

Secrets of professional treatment with bee products revealed

In October, the world exhibition of beekeepers and beekeeping, Api Mondia 2013, was hosted in Kiev. Slovakia was also represented. It received 18 different awards. Here, they got to know the company Tentorium from the Russian Perm and its products for the first time. The basis is bee production: pollen, honey, royal jelly. This is complemented by phyto products. The company receives products from bees to form pills, produce oils, balsams, and ointments through modern technology.

The deserved admiration and enthusiasm to bring this information to Slovakia meant that they left Perm in December of the same year. First, they looked at the production directly in the plant, in which the modern technologies were engineered by a German company.

"It is not a fad; the local Russian experts have 26 years of experience, tests and research in this respect. The specialized sanatorium in Perm utilizes all available forms of apitherapy.

Remarkable is the fact that they also practice treatment using bee venom. Bee venom therapy was used in ancient Egypt, Greece and China. Apparently, the forefather of medicine, Greek physician Hippocrates, also used bee venom for the treatment of arthritis and other health problems. In the Perm sanatorium, physicians and physiotherapists inject poison into acupuncture points. They successfully treat diseases like eczema, psoriasis, cardio-vascular diseases and diseases of the digestive tract and rheumatism, which are lifestyle diseases afflicting more and more people also in our country," Krajňáková conveys her experiences.

And now we have it in Slovakia! What next?

Visiting Perm reassured Michal and Iveta, the enthusiasts for the use of bee products, in regards to the decision bring Tentorium products into Slovakia even more. The infinite certification process lasted a year. But everything went well and the first consignment of products arrived last year in September. An Internet sale and the promotion of the products were launched, and daring plans entered new dimensions." Sales are already international. We gradually want to involve other European Union countries. We have the first responses from Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, and Germany," says Krajňáková. The English, German and Russian versions of the website are being prepared. Before the baptism of the book Practical Apitherapy, translated from the original Russian into Slovak, its ceremonial launching also awaits.

Healthy and beautiful as Cleopatra – we already know what her secret consisted of

Most of all, Cleopatra is known for her natural beauty, supposedly with beautiful sparkling skin. The fact that she knew and extensively utilized the miraculous effects of honey and honey products on a daily basis is surely affirmed by historical arguments. Well, and what about us? Won't we use whatever has helped humanity in the quest for health for ages?

Bee products are suitable for everyone, but according to Krajňáková, knowing the correct use is very important. "We can consume honey every day, it is a healthy form of sweetener. But pollen, propolis, and royal jelly at intervals.

Pollen, which is not only food for bees, but also for humans, is characterized by its uniqueness. It contains 30 percent protein, minerals, vitamins, beta-carotene and 22 amino acids. It regenerates cells, cleanses the liver, has beneficial impacts on the gall bladder, digestive system, cardio-vascular system. It is also suitable for small children. One tablespoon a day is recommended for adults, two teaspoons for children. One tablespoon of pollen is like one hundred grams of meat," they explain. Here it should be pointed out that pollen, which bees collect from plants, is not the same as the pollen in the air. The bee adds its own enzymes and thus neutralizes the allergenic ingredients.

The United Nations are sounding the alarm

Save the bees to save ourselves! As reported by the portal aktuálně.cz: "Expert Commission of the United Nations issued a disturbing report on the state of world bee colonies. The mysterious decline in bee populations, which has long been observed in Europe and more recently in America, has spread to Japan, China and Egypt. "The loss of flowering plants, environmental pollution, the use of toxic pesticides and even large changes in climatic conditions are detrimental for bees. The experts are even considering whether bees can be harmed by mobile phone signals. Perhaps the most famous dictum of the 20th century about t bees belongs to Albert Einstein: "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left."

Now, we should take these warnings seriously and take care of bees perhaps in the same way as Michal Goroľ, who would like to pass his experience with bee products to the greatest possible number of people. Not all of us can be beekeepers, but we can do a lot for our environment. Healthy bee colonies reward us with their products, which help us protect and maintain our health.

And what is the advice at the end? "These are rapid times and everyone wants an instant solution in the case of illness. A pill whose effect occurs within minutes. This is a natural, traditional form of treatment; it takes time, regular application. With a slow solution, a person can set up the body in an "optimal" way. It is worth a try," concludes Goroľ.

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